Finding a driving instructor

As a learner driver it’s really important you find the right driving instructor for you, one that makes you feel comfortable when getting in the car and has that connection with you to make you feel at ease. If you don’t track down the right instructor, you might not enjoy the learning process as much. It’ll also probably take longer to pass your test and it’ll then cost you more, so find someone who you get on with.

But where to start? Often, speaking to friend who may be learning or have recently passed for a recommendation is a good pale to start, or you can do some of our own research. Don’t be afraid of speaking to your instructor before booking a lesson or two, to see if you get the right vibe.

You may opt to go with a national driving school like RED Driving School, the AA Driving School, BSM or Bill Plant Driving School or you may wish to choose an instructor who works for themselves or works for a regional driving school. They all are focussed on helping you learn to drive and ultimately to get you to pass your test. It’s just each instructor will have their own style and ideally you will find one which matches with your requirements.

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There’s a huge demand for instructors right now due to the backlog caused by Coronavirus and the recent lockdowns. Some instructors may not be able to fit you in right away, so even if you don’t think you’ll be ready to start to learn with an instructor for a few weeks or months, it’s best to get booked in now, otherwise you may have quite a wait. Here are some of the questions you may like to ask in advance…

  • Is the instructor fully qualified, an Approved Driving Instructor?
  • If I have a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor), an instructor who is still in training, will I pay less?
  • If I sign up for a course and we don’t get on, can I have my money back? Or change instructor?
  • Will I get the same instructor and car for each of my lessons?
  • How long is each lesson? Can I choose between 60, 90 and 120-minute sessions?
  • Is my instructor DBS checked (have they any criminal convictions and cautions)? Are all the school’s instructors checked in this way?
  • Are there apps or online tools included in the price of my lessons?
  • Will I get help with passing my theory and hazard perception tests?
  • Do you offer post-test training to improve my skills after I pass?
  • Can I speak to some of your pupils to see how they feel?