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The Honest Truth in Warwickshire

The Honest Truth is a national road safety campaign that works closely with driving instructors, the police and other agencies to make roads safer in Warwickshire.

The Honest Truth about… Phones

Get caught once on the phone within two years of passing your test and it’s back to L-plates. Maybe you won’t get caught. But maybe there’s a pedestrian rather than a police officer around the next corner. They step out into the road and you don’t see them in time because you’re on your phone. According to the RAC Report on Motoring, some 77% of drivers don’t make handheld calls (although hands-free calls are also a distraction). Be part of the safe majority, not the reckless minority.

Why choose an Honest Truth driving instructor?

Until you’re faced with a car full of mates egging you on, you don’t know how you will react. Or when your mate is driving too fast, will you feel confident enough to ask him or her to slow down? Staying safe on the road is about being prepared and thinking about how you will react in new situations. An Honest Truth driving instructor will tell you about the 10 truths to keep you safer on the roads when you start to drive on your own.

To find a driving instructor in Warwickshire visit thehonesttruth.co.uk.