Warwickshire – Dead? or dead slow?

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You’ll need to drive safely around all sorts of vulnerable road users on Warwickshire’s rural roads, including horses and their riders. The majority of road incidents involving horses reported to The British Horse Society (BHS) occur due to vehicles passing by the horse too closely or too quickly. To help tackle the rising number of reported road incidents the charity launched its ‘Dead? Or Dead Slow?’ safety campaign.

The campaign calls on drivers to follow four simple steps:

1. Slow down to a maximum of 15mph.

2 Be patient, don’t sound your horn or rev your engine.

3 Pass the horse wide and slow, (if safe to do so) at least a car’s width if possible.

4 Drive slowly away.

The BHS is calling on all road users to be courteous and patient with one another while sharing the roads. It is vital to remember that horses are flight animals and may move quickly away from what they perceive as a threat – this sudden action can have serious consequences for the rider, horse, vehicle and its occupants. Don’t forget the third brain, there is the rider’s and driver’s but remember the horse’s brain. In such a rural county as Warwickshire, The British Horse Society works closely with the local Police and Crime Commissioner and other agencies working to make roads safer in Warwickshire. The BHS also encourages riders to ensure both they and their horse are wearing high visibility clothing at all times when riding on the roads and to adhere to the Highway Code and be aware of their surroundings at all times. For more information on keeping safe visit bhs.org.uk/safety

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