Car insurance

Car insurance

Don’t expect cheap cover, but there are steps you can take to make insurance affordable.

There are some constants in life, things that you just can’t change. One of them is insurance for new drivers, which will always be painfully expensive. There’s no way of escaping it – with little experience behind the wheel, your insurer is going to hammer you until you prove you’re not a liability. But there are ways you can cut the cost.

An insurance company works out how likely you are to make a claim, based on a load of factors. As a young driver the odds are stacked against you, but there are ways that you can shift the balance more in your favour.

While you can’t change your age and lack of experience (and don’t even consider lying, or you won’t be covered in the event of a claim), there are other ways you can cut the cost of your insurance.

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 Top ten tips to reduce your premium

  1. Shop around to get the best price and deal on offer
  2. Try to price match, playing off one insurer against another for the best deal
  3. Speak to your insurer on the phone, often better rates are to be had versus online
  4. Keep the car garaged, rather than on the street
  5. Fit a black box
  6. Consider a larger excess
  7. Fit a security system – and use it
  8. Don’t claim for small things – you need to build up a no-claims bonus
  9. Leave your car as standard. Don’t fit a big stereo, spoilers or flash wheels.
  10. Opt for a limited annual mileage policy.

The bare minimum

If your car is on a public road – even if it is just parked – it must be insured on at least a third-party basis. Fail to take out cover and the police will catch up with you sooner or later. When they do your car will be seized, may be crushed and at the very least you’ll get six to eight points on your licence – enough for a ban.