Driving test

Driving lessons

You’re paying a lot for an expert to teach you, make every second count.

Rest up

Always try to get a good night’s rest before a lesson. A big night out with your mates before a morning lesson isn’t a good idea – you need to be fully alert and sober.

Fuel up

Eat and drink before the lesson to boost your energy levels and keep them high.

Go long

When you book your lessons, think about 90-minute or two-hour sessions. You’ll have more time to get into a rhythm than if the lesson lasts an hour.


Be punctual

Arrive on time and ready to drive. You’re paying your (or your parent’s) hard earned cash for the lessons, so don’t waste a second.

Listen up

Your instructor knows what they are talking about, so concentrate hard on what they are telling you to do.

Ask questions

If you don’t understand what your instructor is asking you to do, don’t be afraid to say so. And ask them questions to help plug gaps in your driving knowledge.

Practise makes perfect

Practise driving in between lessons to reinforce what you have learned. But make sure you stay below the level of difficulty you have reached with your instructor.